Dealing with ReadyGrad has been a wonderful experience. They have provided an easy placement service, and the interns have been so positive to learn while actually producing some amazing work. I highly recommend their services.

Josef Bobinac - Chief Product & Technology Officer - ONCALL Language Services

Why Host an intern?

Transform your workday. Transform their life.

Recruiting an intern can benefit your business and provide a great way to experience fresh talent. Interns completing Vocational Placements as part of a qualification can be lawfully unpaid under Fair Work, creating a cost-effective solution for your business. This also helps nurture the next generation of professionals, fuels innovation, and provides valuable work experience.


We have connected businesses with industry talent since 2012

Years as graduate employability experts.

of our partners rate their experience as Good, Very Good or Outstanding.

Employer connections across Australia.

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of our partners support more interns after their current placement.

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Our interns are completing Vocational Placements as part of their qualifications so they can be lawfully unpaid.

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Targeted skills

Engage with the right talent to help with your daily tasks or projects.

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Our interns can be in-office or remotely, 3-5 days a week. Host one or multiple interns anytime throughout the year as you need them.

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Multiple disciplines

Get help across a wide range of disciplines, including IT, Engineering, Finance, Business & Marketing and more.


Streamlined process

The process of getting an intern is fast & easy. We do all the heavy lifting from helping with your brief to matching interns, arranging interviews and checking in during the internship.

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Peace of mind

We cover workers compensation insurance for our interns, as they would not normally be covered by your policy.

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Our company and education partners

We work with thousands of partners, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies and leading universities.

How does it work?

Recruiting interns through Readygrad is fast and easy


Send us an internship brief

We use this to find suitable candidates and ensure accurate CVs for your internship. We can help you create one if you’re not sure.


You Conduct Interviews

We provide you with CVs, and you can select whom to interview. We will help arrange the interview between you and the student.


You select your students

After the Interviews, you tell us who you want to host. We then arrange times/dates and formalise the internship with an agreement.


The Internship Begins!

Once the agreement is finalised, the internship begins, with Readygrad providing support throughout.

How can our interns help your business?

  • Our interns are either degree-qualified or current students, possessing up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. They are specialists in their area and can help across various disciplines. Meet some of our talented interns here.
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  • Web Development
  • IT Networking
  • Cyber Security
  • Helpdesk
  • Software Development
  • Business/Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • UX/UI designing

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  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Project Management

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Finance & Accounting

  • Financial Assistance
  • Finance & Risk
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Financial Analysis
  • FinTech
  • General Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Auditing & Assurance

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Business & Marketing

  • General Admin
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources

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Trusted by thousands of partners

  • We've used Readygrad for over a year now; they've sent interns to us regularly, and on 2 occasions, we were able to find some exceptional interns who have been offered full-time roles. We continue to use Readygrad for all our intern and recruitment needs.
    Vincent Le
    General Manager - Zeke Consulting Group
  • The placement program offered by Readygrad is excellent and a great way for students to gain practical experience. The interns we've had so far enjoy working with our team, and we love hearing feedback about how they have learnt from the experience.
    Managing Director
    Gucci (SE Asia Pacific)
  • Readygrad interns are talented and dedicated. We're proud that they always get job offers after completing their internships. Thank you, Readygrad!
    Zaidul Alam
    Co-founder & COO - WISECAR
  • This is a great opportunity to diversify your talent pool and graduate recruitment options. The 12-week timeframe allows for organisational requirements and skill development. The process is simple and efficient, and the team is willing to support your organisation's needs.
  • Internships benefit both the team and the intern, providing fresh ideas and experience. Encouraging and supporting interns can make a real difference in their career journey.
    Bruce Lawson
    Head of Internal Audit - HCF Australia
  • Readygrad is professional and efficient. Their candidates are always on point and provide fresh ideas to our team. We've had great success with their interns and have even hired three full-time staff members from their program.
    Office Manager
    Cardinal Spin Pty Ltd
  • Readygrad is a reliable and professional internship program that sources the best candidates. It helps our business culture as interns gain real exposure in their field, and our employees get to mentor young students. We enjoy their motivation and positive energy and have offered three interns full-time positions.
    Financial Accountant
  • Placements offer commercial opportunities and a diverse student network for easy business integration. We learn from each other and gain new perspectives and ideas. Readygrad has been friendly and easy to work with.
    Reservations Manager
    Hilton Sydney
  • At Readygrad, everyone is always helpful and friendly. The placement program has allowed us to add value to the business and find great employees. It's been a pleasure to see students from different cultures and life experiences grow and progress to Team Leader roles.
    National Support Manager
    Mobilise IT
  • We've enjoyed mentoring students and helping them kick-start their IT careers with the help of Readygrad's supportive team.
    IT Service Desk Manager
    Rexel Holdings Australia
  • We partnered with Readygrad to bridge the gap between study and professional employment. Their interns are highly engaged, show great initiative and contribute new ideas with fresh perspectives. We offered two of their students contract positions and look forward to our continued partnership!
    Talent Acquisition Business Partner - ANZ
    Page Group
  • Readygrad interns bring diversity and creativity to our business, helping us grow in areas of business analysis, technical services, development and digital media. We are proud of their achievements and the opportunity to develop prime IT professionals.
    Managed Services Australia
  • Readygrad's placement program provides a positive experience for companies and interns. Our talented interns offer a wide range of skills while they learn, network, and build confidence. Many of our interns transition into ongoing employment, making the process seamless and rewarding. I highly recommend Readygrad's program to organisations seeking new talent.
    IT Service Manager
    Slater & Gordon Lawyers

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Recruiting interns: Frequently asked questions

What is required of a host company?

Industry placements are focused on providing bright, young professionals with their first professional workplace experience. As a host company, you are required to meet certain criteria to ensure the placement is appropriate and meaningful. This includes involving the student in work-related and observational activities related to their area of study and providing relevant supervision.

We work closely with our Host Companies to make the process of hosting a student easy. We will help you create a formal Training Agreement, provide support and feedback to the student throughout the process, and also arrange Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Readygrad is here to ensure your hosting experience is more than successful and mutually beneficial for you and the student. 

While there is no expectation to employ a student beyond the placement, many employers choose to offer their intern a position after the internship.

What level are these students?

Readygrad students are recent university graduates or current students who are undertaking a recognised training program with us, or one of our university partners. They are keen to apply their technical learning in the ‘real world’, better understand the workplace, and enhance their practical experience. 

You can meet some of our current students looking for placements here.

What can interns do?

Interns come with up-to-date knowledge and fresh new ideas, which they are excited to apply in a workplace setting, whether through an internship placement or a short-term focussed project. 

Our internships page provides great examples of current placements our hosts offer. By involving interns in meetings and projects and providing shadowing opportunities relevant to their field of study, you are helping to build the employability of our next generation.

Students participating in project-based group placements focus on formulating strategic solutions to a business problem and presenting their findings back to your organisation at the end of the project.   

Can I host more than one intern?

Definitely – many of our host companies choose to offer internship placements to more than one intern at a time, whether within the same or different areas of the business. We have students specialising in accounting, engineering, finance, HR, IT and marketing available all year round.

You will need to ensure you have the physical capacity for multiple interns and can provide the appropriate amount of supervision and work-related and observational activities relevant to the student’s area of study.

Our project-based group teams include 4 – 6 students from a range of professional business backgrounds. These projects run at set times throughout the year, please contact our Corporate Partnerships team to express your interest in participating in this program.

Can my intern sign a confidentiality agreement?

Our Training Agreement, signed by interns and host companies, has a detailed clause around confidentiality. If you require an intern to sign an additional confidentiality agreement, we suggest you first discuss this with your dedicated Readygrad account manager.

Can I hire my intern after their placement?

You are not obligated to offer employment to an intern, and all interns are made aware that industry placements are not trials for paid employment.

If you wish to hire the intern after the placement, your company may do so. There is no recruitment or transfer fee payable. The intern will become a regular employee and will need to be paid accordingly.

What is the cost of engaging an intern through your program?

Engaging an intern comes with two flexible pricing options to suit your business needs. You can choose to pay a one-time fee of $595 (+GST) per intern or opt for an annual fee of $3,995 (+GST), which allows you to engage as many interns as your business requires throughout the year. These fees cover a comprehensive range of services to ensure both parties a smooth and beneficial internship experience.

Are there any additional wages or recruitment fees required?

No additional wages are required from your end, nor is there a recruitment fee should you decide to hire an intern permanently post-placement. Our program is structured to emphasise the opportunity for students to gain practical experience and for businesses to contribute to their learning journey without the financial burden of wages or recruitment fees.

Why should our business engage with interns?

Engaging with interns supports the professional development of emerging talent and brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your business. It's an investment in the future workforce and an opportunity to enhance your projects with the enthusiasm and latest academic knowledge that interns bring. Plus, with our structured program, you gain the flexibility to meet your business needs without the long-term commitment of traditional hiring processes.

Is this program beneficial for the interns as well?

Absolutely. This program is crafted with a dual focus: to provide businesses with the talent they need and to offer students invaluable real-world experience. Interns gain practical skills, professional exposure, and the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in a business setting, all while being supported through a structured placement process. It's about creating a mutually beneficial relationship where businesses grow and students learn.

This sounds great. I am interested! What are the next steps?

Contact us! We are always eager to meet partners as passionate as we are about giving young professionals an opportunity to get started in their careers. We will arrange to visit you, discuss the process, and offer guidance on how a placement program could best support your company.