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What is the Internship Success Toolkit?

Enrolling in our Professional Internship Program offers numerous benefits. By joining, you kickstart your career in your chosen field and gain immediate access to our valuable Internship Success Toolkit, worth $249.

The Internship Success Toolkit includes five self-paced learning modules meticulously crafted to equip you with the necessary skills for your internship and to thrive in Australia's business landscape. This toolkit will prepare you for success and ensure a seamless transition into the professional world.


Internship Success Toolkit Modules

Megaphone yelling

Effective Communication

Learn how to use words, tone and body language in communication style while gaining insight into rapport-building techniques.

Business communication icon

Business Communication

Learn appropriate verbal and written communication techniques and the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive communication.

Career Path and Planning different roads

Career Path and Planning

Align your strengths to development activities using the 70:20:10 learning methodology. Plan and prepare for job interviews using the ‘STAR’ interview technique.

business etiquette faces and attitude

Business Skills & Etiquette

Practice positive business etiquette habits in the workplace, discover positive workplace behaviours and how to implement them.

Personal branding image

Personal Branding

What is a personal brand? Define personal brand in a workplace context and build a personal brand action plan to make you stand out.

How to access the internship success toolkit?

Number one

Enrol in one of our internships from the list below. We have many opportunities available across most sectors.

Number two

You will be assigned a dedicated consultant who will coach you and provide you with access to the internship success toolkit.

Number three

You are now ready to kickstart your internship and set yourself up for a successful career in business.

One internship. All the experience you need.

Enrol for our internships to instantly unlock your internship success toolkit and begin preparing for a successful career in business.

IT minotor


Gain valuable IT industry experience, partnering with exciting companies for hands-on exploration of various IT fields.

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accounting calculator


Gain valuable hands-on experience and work with accounting professionals in various accounting roles.

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financial chart


Work alongside finance professionals and gain insight into financial institutions' day-to-day operations.

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cogs wheels


Apply theoretical knowledge, solve complex problems, and work on projects alongside experienced engineers.

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Build insight into market research, advertising, and social media marketing while bolstering your career.

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Learn critical business skills in a professional environment and observe professionals conduct a business.

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group of people


Gain hands-on experience, learn from industry experts, acquire valuable skills  for a successful career in HR.

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roads pointing in different directions


Didn’t see the your area of expertise? hit "Learn more" as we may have other opportunities available for you.

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