Our partnership with Readygrad enabled us to create a well-received program by universities, students and our business. Readygrad took on our design concept and added their expertise and knowledge to deliver a program that provided ample opportunities for our students to learn more about themselves, our business, and the future of work whilst developing key professional skills.

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Why Choose Readygrad?

Your innovative graduate talent connection, engagement and development specialist.

Readygrad is deeply embedded in graduate recruitment and development program management with over 20 years of specific industry experience. Leverages its distinctive positioning between universities and employers to innovate ways to access, influence, develop, and retain graduate talent. Whether you want to launch a new early career program or refine an established one, we can be your strategic partner in consulting, designing and delivering your graduate talent initiatives.

Our approach

We believe in fresh and innovative thinking to graduate talent connection, engagement and development.

Promotion & Attraction

We understand that graduates have various options for where they start their careers. We believe you can establish a robust talent pipeline that captures attention by boosting your employer's brand awareness and building connections early on.
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Internship and summer vacation programs go beyond just on-the-job learning. They offer a unique and engaging workplace experience by integrating fun, social interactions, and skill development.
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Recruitment & Selection Outsourcing

The graduate recruitment process can be complex and costly. Leverage our years of experience, insights and licensed tools and platforms for effective recruitment process outsourcing solutions.
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Development & Retention

We recognise the importance of maximising the retention of your graduate cohorts from the post-offer stage with a structured learning journey, achieved through targeted pre-start, induction and development initiatives.
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Our partners

We work with thousands of partners, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies and leading universities.

Meet our graduate talent solutions team

Rohan Holland

Rohan Holland

Graduate & Employability Programs Manager
Owen Firth

Owen Firth

Employability Officer
Katherine Underwood

Katherine Underwood

Partnerships Manager
Michael Ciantar

Michael Ciantar

Partnerships Manager

Whether launching or refining an early career program, we can be your strategic partner in consulting, designing, and delivering graduate talent initiatives.

Are these graduate talent, connection & engagement challenges familiar to you?

How can I effectively engage with students at an early stage to positively influence their perception of our employer brand and employer value proposition?

Organisations must proactively attract, connect and engage top talent. One effective strategy is to forge strong relationships with target universities and provide students with the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the workforce. We have developed a unique approach to this challenge, leveraging our vast network of university partnerships to deliver meaningful employability skills programs to build deeper connections with potential talent - we tailor our strategies to the needs of individual businesses.

How can I address the issue of losing our graduate talent after our company has made them an offer?

We understand that an organisation's retention success largely depends on its ability to engage its offered graduate cohorts. This is especially true for new graduates, who require careful guidance and nurturing to integrate well into the organisation and become valuable contributors to the company's goals. Readygrad has devised a strategy that blends professional development initiatives that can help strengthen your relationship with your graduates and increase retention rates.

How can I better differentiate my internship program?

Our internship enhancement provides the necessary skills and knowledge to help interns grow and become valuable assets to their respective organisations. Through our carefully crafted training modules, interns will be able to acquire essential skills and knowledge that will enable them to excel in their professional careers. Our approach is to enhance your existing internship programs through training, individual coaching, group projects and social connection events.

How can I increase our ability to convert interns into graduates?

To maximise your graduate conversions, we ensure that every intern gains an outstanding experience during their internship, ultimately increasing the acceptance rate of offers. Our tailored approach caters to the specific needs of each intern to optimise their talents and skills while empowering them with practical knowledge and expertise. We recognise the value of a holistic internship experience and provide interns with valuable exposure to real-life situations relevant to their chosen career trajectories.

How can I improve our graduate retention and workplace preparation?

Readygrad has developed a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap between academic learning and professional work readiness. Our retention initiatives are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation, as well as the unique learning styles of your graduates. By incorporating workplace skills training into your graduate development strategy, you are equipping your offered graduates with the skills they need to hit the ground running in the workplace. 

We can gain insight into your business goals, values, and culture by partnering with your organisation. This allows us to align our training materials with your company's mission and vision, ensuring that new hires have the knowledge and skills to contribute to your organisation's success from day one. Our solutions are grounded in research and best practices, and we deliver through an engaging and impactful blended learning model.

How can I effectively differentiate our offer at traditional careers fairs and job boards?

Despite all your efforts to showcase your brand and opportunities at in-person recruitment events and online job platforms, you have struggled to stand out. With hundreds of other companies vying for the attention of job seekers, it has become increasingly challenging to differentiate yourself and convey your unique value proposition. 

Readygrad can help you connect with your targeted institutions through direct student engagement, development, employer touchpoints, and insights.