Program name
Vocus graduate development program.
Vocus Group
Project objective
To set Vocus Group apart from the competition by creating a captivating and dynamic development program offering that is both fresh and exciting.


Vocus Group are a leading specialist fibre and network solutions provider. In 2022, Vocus Group had no existing structured graduate recruitment or development program offering. Based on some initial exploration discussions with Readygrad, their business case was approved to go to market for 8 graduates as a pilot program.

Hired in late 2022 and onboarded in early 2023, the graduates were successfully hired through a brand new, competency-mapped, integrated graduate recruitment process designed and supported by Readygrad.

Vocus were acutely aware of the need to differentiate themselves in the market by establishing an exciting, fresh and compelling development program offering.

The approach

As a priority, Vocus agreed on a structured development program (including benefits) before going to market to recruit. Readygrad managed the program's outsourced, competency-mapped recruitment process - including an integrated ATS platform - psychometric testing, video interviews and an in-person ‘engagement day’ (Assessment Centre). Importantly, the skills, motivations and behaviours measured were aligned with Vocus’ corporate values. Once hired, the cross-disciplinary graduates received on-the-job training, enhanced by the development program, designed and delivered in partnership with Readygrad, including:

  • An interactive induction – including both an overview of the company and professional skill development (Readygrad)
  • 5 x full day bootcamp workshops – covering a range of soft skill topics (e.g. Personal branding and elevator pitch, business etiquette, successful teams and presenting with impact) – delivered every 6 months across the program.
  • Social and team skills – including an amazing race, social / drinks evenings, etc.
  • Access to a library of online learning modules (via Readygrad’s LMS).
  • Buddy & Mentor Program.
  • Individual Career success coaching – delivered via Readygrad’s experienced career coaches.
  • An international tech tour overseas with the CEO (in second year).


Vocus Summer Internship Program

The results

Vocus have carefully selected and welcomed their highly talented graduate cohort for 2023, igniting their exciting professional journey. As the program unfolds, the participants have already begun experiencing a remarkable wave of positivity, with their feedback overflowing with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Crafted with a clear vision to deliver utmost engagement and foster long-term development, this program empowers the participants with practical skills and regular learning opportunities. The key pillars of this transformative initiative are interwoven with elements of fun and connection, ensuring that the participants not only thrive in their roles but also forge meaningful relationships with their peers and mentors.

With resounding success and immense satisfaction from both the participants and the organization, it is no surprise that Vocus has planned to extend this extraordinary program beyond 2023. The commitment to the growth and development of future graduates remains unwavering, as this immersive journey is set to continue shaping the careers of aspiring professionals well into 2024 and beyond.

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