Program name
Internship Program through Readygrad
Transdev Australasia
Public Transportation and Mobility Services
Project objective
To implement a Process Management System across its various entities.


Transdev Australasia, a leader in public transportation, embarked on an ambitious project to implement a Process Management tool across its various entities.

The project required meticulous coordination, an understanding of diverse business processes, and integration of them into a new, unified system. The complexity and scale of the project necessitated additional resources beyond the existing team's capacity.

The challenge

The primary challenge was sourcing skilled and adaptable resources capable of understanding and documenting complex processes across multiple business units.

The project demanded individuals who could grasp technical aspects and effectively communicate with a wide range of stakeholders. Additionally, the need for a flexible workforce that could be scaled according to project phases was crucial.

View of Melbourne tram
View of Sydney's train lines

The solution

Transdev Australasia partnered with Readygrad to address this resource challenge. Readygrad's role was to continuously supply a pool of potential candidates specifically tailored to meet the project's unique requirements. Key aspects of the solution included:

  • Tailored Candidate Selection: Readygrad understood the specific skill sets required for the project and provided candidates who were qualified and a good fit for Transdev's corporate culture.
  • Ongoing Support and Communication: Readygrad maintained strong communication lines, ensuring regular updates on intern performance and readiness to supply new candidates as internship tenures concluded.
  • Seamless Onboarding/Offboarding: The process of integrating interns into the Transdev team and transitioning them out at the end of their tenure was made efficient and seamless, minimizing disruptions to the project.

The results

The collaboration between Transdev Australasia and Readygrad has been highly successful, marked by several key achievements:

  • Effective Resource Management: The influx of skilled interns allowed for efficient progress in implementing the Process Management tool, ensuring project milestones were met on time.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Communication: Interns played a crucial role in bridging communication gaps between different entities, facilitating a smoother integration process.
  • Project Scalability: The ability to bring in resources as needed allowed Transdev to scale the project team in line with project demands, optimizing costs and efficiency. maintaining selection integrity.
  • Sustained Quality and Performance: Regular follow-ups by ReadyGrad ensured that the performance of interns remained aligned with Transdev's high standards.

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