Program name
Internship Program through Readygrad.
A leading Automotive Tech company known for providing comprehensive car management solutions.
Project objective
To develop a pricing strategy for B2B Customers.


Wisecar, a mobile application known for providing comprehensive car management solutions, sought to expand its market reach to business-to-business (B2B) customers.

The app's features, such as service record tracking, parking and insurance record management, registration notifications, driver logbooks, fuel consumption tracking, and tax return assistance, are particularly beneficial for companies managing grey fleets. Integrating secure blockchain technology ensures data safety and privacy, a crucial aspect for corporate clients.

The challenge

The primary challenge was developing at least three distinct pricing models tailored for B2B clients to generate a positive revenue stream within six months.

The team needed to consider various factors, including human resources, infrastructure, platform capabilities, and customer acquisition costs while ensuring the models were competitive and appealing to the target market.

Wisecar case study 1
Wisecr app screen demonstration

The solution

A dedicated team embarked on a comprehensive research project, structured into several key phases:

  • Competitor Analysis: An in-depth study of existing market players, focusing on their pricing strategies and value propositions.
  • Competitor Comparison: A detailed comparison of Wisecar's offerings against competitors, highlighting unique selling points and potential areas of improvement.
  • Pricing Model Development: Crafting three innovative pricing models, each designed to meet different needs and preferences of B2B customers.
  • Marketing Strategy Formulation: Outlining effective strategies for marketing these models to the target audience, considering both digital and traditional channels.
  • Recommendations and Reporting: Compiling findings, data, and strategic recommendations into a comprehensive report, supported by graphs and key metrics.

The results

The team's efforts culminated in a well-received final report, which included:

  • Innovative Pricing Models: Three diverse and viable pricing models, each backed by thorough market research and financial projections.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan: A robust marketing strategy tailored to effectively communicate the value proposition to B2B clients.
  • Actionable Insights: The report provided new, actionable insights that were previously unexplored by Wisecar, offering a fresh perspective on the B2B market.
  • Internal Adoption and Recognition: The host company adopted the report internally and recognized the team's effort by requesting ongoing collaboration.

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