Program name
Pilbara graduate development program.
Pilbara Minerals
Project objective
To develop a graduate program strategy by promoting, attracting, selecting and developing graduate talent.


In 2022, Pilbara Minerals – a leading ASX-listed lithium mining company in Western Australia, recognised the importance of establishing a comprehensive graduate program.

To nurture and develop a pipeline of fresh talent for their rapidly growing organisation, Pilbara Minerals turned to Readygrad for their expertise in reviewing the current entry-level recruitment activity. Readygrad was tasked with providing recommendations for a dynamic graduate program strategy encompassing various elements, including effective promotion, attracting top-tier candidates, rigorous selection processes, and ongoing professional development.

With Readygrad's guidance, Pilbara Minerals sought to create a program that attracted the brightest minds in the industry and provided them with the necessary tools and support to excel in their careers.

The approach

Readygrad was tasked with developing a comprehensive program that met the client's specific objectives and key parameters. Our primary goal was establishing an updated graduate value proposition to attract top talent and enhance our client's recruitment and development program. In addition, we aimed to recommend a new and improved recruitment and selection model that would streamline the process and ensure the right candidates were chosen for the program.

To ensure a smooth implementation, we designed a graduate development program that is simple to execute, taking into consideration the unique needs and requirements of the client's organisation. We understand the importance of a successful pilot program, and therefore, we proposed launching with a small group of around 8 positions in early 2023. This would allow us to fine-tune the program and address any challenges before a full-scale rollout.

To attract the best talent, we planned to promote, recruit, and select candidates in the second half of 2022, well before the program's early 2023 start date. We also recognized the value of diversity and cross-disciplinary collaboration and thus aimed to recruit graduates from various disciplines for the first cohort.

Measuring the success of the program was a crucial aspect of our approach. We proposed conducting a thorough review and evaluation post-program to gather insights and data that would enable us to refine and improve the structure of future programs. We continuously monitored and analysed the program's effectiveness to ensure its ongoing success and relevance.

Overall, our team at Readygrad was committed to developing a program that met the program objectives and exceeded expectations. We understood the importance of creating a compelling graduate value proposition, implementing an efficient recruitment process, and designing a development program to empower graduates to thrive professionally.

Program Objectives
  • Establish an updated graduate value proposition – linked to a recruitment & development program
  • Recommend a new and updated recruitment & selection model
  • Design a graduate development program that is simple to implement
Key parameters
  • Launch with a pilot program group – around 8 positions to start in early 2023
  • Promote, recruit and select in H2 2022 for an early 2023 start
  • Recruit cross-disciplinary graduates in the first cohort
  • Review and measure success post-program to refine future program structure

The results

With the valuable support of Readygrad as their trusted delivery partner, Pilbara Minerals successfully entered the market with a brand-new proposition for their graduate program. In their first year (2023 intake), they proudly recruited 7 talented graduates.

They embarked on their journey in January 2023, experiencing a comprehensive development program that blends on-the-job technical training with professional skills enhancement through monthly development days. These development days, expertly delivered by Readygrad, ensured their graduates were equipped with the necessary tools for success.

As they set their sights on the future, Pilbara have already begun recruiting their second cohort for a 2024 start. Pilbara are committed to growing, adapting, and refining their graduate program strategy to ensure continued success.

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